• Expand the shar’iyyah science and the awareness of its importance to Muslim societies as well as delivering the knowledge easily by using a high techniques in order to serve the domestic , the international society, and to providing a huge youth power carrying the immortal massage of our prophet Mohammed (peace upon him).
  • Saving the Islamic heritage, Quran, and Suna as well as solidification the truthful concept of Islam and rooting the ideals of Islam with respect to the need of the society in the faculty programme either in application or theoretical part.
  • Carefulness for the different Islamic science in the fields of rooting, extrapolating, inference, scientific research and Prepare scholars who able to carry out the leadership , responsibility, Fatwa , judgment, Da’awa, and teaching students by following the best approaches.
  • Encourage the students to get the Competency and prepare them to be proficient scholars, researchers and help them to be a specific thinkers in Islamic shar’iyyah ,in addition to support them to get high ability of practicing their scientific research in the societies based on the high performance concept in teaching, training, developing the technical skills required in the fields of knowledge and connect it to its application with respect to the shar’iyyah and current issues.