PhD in Aqidah

Program Code

Ministry of Education Malaysia (Higher Education)

On Campus On Line

Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA)

On Campus On Line
Medium of Instruction


Duration of studies


Workload Minimum Duration Maximum Duration
Full Time 6 Semesters (3 Academic Years) 10 Semesters (5 Academic Years)
Part Time 8 Semesters (4 Academic Years) 14 Semesters (7 Academic Years)
Brief objective of program
  1. To develop a comprehensive understanding of the appropriate techniques of research, as shown by the application.
  2. To develop capabilities and efficiency in achieving independent research in the Islamic belief doctrine.
  3. To make a significant and original contributions to the existing knowledge of Aqidah and practice.
  4. To create a generation of highly qualified researchers & specialists able to think and act constructively, with regard the contemporary issues in Islamic belief which affect the establishment of pious & conscious society in manners and behavior.
  5. To strengthen and develop the abilities of graduates in order to interact and spread Islam through their high commitment with the methods of Da’wah practiced by Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w).
Career Prospects

Student can be religious teacher, Sariah consultant, Sariah staff, Islamic banker, Sariah law, adviser Sariah banker, Islamic scholar, Islamic Financial consultant, Islamic Finance Sales, Islamic Teacher, Islamic Educator, Auditor Islamic Banking, Islamic Financial Planner, Medical Islamic Officer,  Admin Islamic Officer.

Admission Requirements
  • The applicant shall posses a Master’s Degree in a related field from MEDIU or equivalent from a recognized university.
  • Any other academic qualifications equivalent to [requirement #1], as approved by the Senate.
  • The Board of Postgraduate Studies may impose additional conditions as required.
Subject Details

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Tuition Fees

Tuition fees in Malaysian Ringgit:

Learning Mode Workload Local Student Foreign Student
  • For international students studying On Campus (OC) mode, Visa Fees and University Bond fees are excluded.
  • Visa Fees & University Bond fees costs around RM5,120, it depends on the students nationality.
  • All fees are subjected to change at the University’s discretion.

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