Bachelor of Islamic Sciences (Hons) In Al-Hadith

Program Code

Ministry of Education Malaysia (Higher Education)

On Campus On Line
R/221/6/0018 R/221/6/0072

Malaysian Quality Assurance (MQA)

On Campus On Line
MQA/FA0767 A8797
Medium of Instruction


Duration of studies
Workload  Duration
Full Time 8 Semesters (4 Academic Years)
Part Time 16 Semesters (8 Academic Years)
Brief objective of program

The aims of the programme to :

This programmes aims to prepare graduates who:

  1. have advanced and specialized knowledge in the Sciences of Al-Hadith, including the ability to understand scholarly writings, both modern and classical (turāth) sources;
  2. have satisfactory Arabic proficiency in terms of writing and speaking;
  3. are able to apply the Sciences of Al-Hadith principles in dealing with contemporary circumstances, problems and issues;
  4. have critical, analytical and problem-solving skills in order to deal with issues at hand;
  5. possess effective interpersonal and communication skills,
  6. are able to carry out supervisory role in teamwork and are aware of their social and ethical responsibilities; and
  7. possess skills for getting knowledge and information from reliable sources for research, lifelong learning and career development.
Career Prospects

Student can be religious teacher, Sariah consultant, Sariah staff, Islamic banker, Sariah law, adviser Sariah banker, Islamic scholar, Islamic Financial consultant, Islamic Finance Sales, Islamic Teacher, Islamic Educator, Auditor Islamic Banking, Islamic Financial Planner, Medical Islamic Officer, Admin Islamic Officer.

Admission Requirements

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Subject Details
No.YearSemesterSubjectSubject CodeCredit Hours
1.11Using Information TechnologyCICT10233
2.11Syntax 1LARB10144
3.11Ideological Invasion **IUSU10433
4.11Introduction to Science of Al-Quran IUQR12244
5.11 History of Legislation IHIS10633
Total Credit Hours17
6.12Biography of the Prophet 1 **IHIS10333
7.12 Islamic Education**EMET10433
8.12Research Methodology EMET10333
9.12Introduction To Aqidah IAQD11144
10.12 Introduction To Hadith Terminology IUHD11533
Total Credit Hours16
11.21Biography of The Prophet 2IHIS20433
12.21Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh) 1IFIQ20133
13.21Aqidah Islamiah (Aqidah) 1IAQD20133
14.21Inscription of Prophet’s TraditionIUHD21433
15.21Prophet’s Tradition (for Hadith Major) 1IHDT20333
Total Credit Hours15
16.22Al-Qur’an Interpretation (Tafsir) 1IUQR21944
17.22Morphology 1LARB20633
18.22Aqidah Islamiah (Aqidah) 2 IAQD20233
19.22Hadith’s Terminology 1 IUHD20944
20.22Prophet’s Tradition (for Hadith Major) 2IHDT20433
Total Credit Hours17
21.31Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh) 2IFIQ30233
22.31Al-Qur’an Interpretation (Tafsir) 2IUQR32044
23.31Aqidah Islamiah (Aqidah) 3 IAQD30334
24.31Studies of Traditions’ Manuscript 1 IUHD30143
Total Credit Hours14
25.32Hadith’s Terminology 2IUHD31044
26.32Prophet’s Tradition (for Hadith Major) 3IHDT30533
27.32 Studies of Traditions’ Manuscript 2 IUHD3024 4
28.32Narrators Methodology IUHD30633
29.32Defending Sunnah of the ProphetIUHD3084 4
Total Credit Hours18
30.41 Studies of Traditions’ Manuscript 3 IUHD40344
31.41Hadith Science of Narrators IUHD41144
32.41 Prophet’s Tradition (for Hadith Major) 4IHDT40633
33.41Science of DeductionIUHD40544
Total Credit Hours15
34.42Studies of Traditions’ Manuscript 4IUHD40444
35.42Science of Contesting and AmendmentIUHD41344
36.42 Ambiguous TraditionIUHD40733
37.42Al-Wad Wal WadahunIUHD41233
Total Credit Hours14
Tuition Fees

Tuition fees in Malaysian Ringgit:

Learning Mode Workload Local Student Foreign Student
  • This fees is excluded the Visa Fees and University Bond for the international students enrolled in On Campus learning mode.
  • Visa Fees & University Bond is around RM5120, it depends on the student citizenship.
  • All fees are subject to change at the University’s discretion.

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